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Kommentare deaktiviert für Joseph Disco

Joseph Disco (Great Stuff Recordings /Platform b/ Germany ) The summer of 1979 was a landmark moment in the history of modern music. It was the time when disco died…and a new, evolved Disco was born. In the wake of a musical uprising which saw the revolutionary overthrow of a culture which had, for better or worse, defined a generation, a infant Joseph Disco took his first breaths in Munich, Germany. Historians, philosophers, prophets, and all self-proclaimed Poobahs will forever remain split on whether this was reincarnation, coincidence, a fortunate transmogrification, or the greatest conspiracy known to mankind. However in the midst of endless philosophical and religious debate, they all remain unified on one undeniable point – his music never fails to rock their asses. Joseph Disco’s early education in beat science came as a resident DJ in Cologne’s legendary club Playground, where his regular opportunities to manipulate the dancefloor […]