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DJ Linus (Get Physical / Pacha Munich)


DJ Linus started his career in the late eighties. His music style rangers from Classic House over Deep House to Tech House. He released his first record in 1991 and since then became one of Germanies leading house characters. Not only as a producer, also as a DJ he gained more than one time international respect and props. He produced more than 40 vinyl 12″ for labels such as Get Physical, Initals, Gigolo, Exun, Compost, Brique Rouge, Loudeast and uncountable remixes. Linus was single of the month in Englands most important music magazine „Muzik“ and was seen in nearly every important chart from Italy to England and the States. After leaving Compost Rec, Linus ran his own label exun 1999-2009. DJ Linus‘ single „Who stole the soul?“ was his biggest success so far! Outrages sales and heavily played all over the world. 2013 Linus found his new label Sujet Musique featuring Deep and Tech House Music from all over the globe and especially from the Munich posse.

His current productions for Get Physical (Berlin), Smiley Fingers (London), Go Deeva (Italy), 303lovers (Italy), BluFin (Cologne), Beef Records (Prague) are gaining support from M.A.N.D.Y, Chloe, Loco Dice, DJ Hell, Pete Tong, Steve Bug, John Aquaviva, Danny Tenaglia, Tony Humphries, Craig Richards, Slam, Mousse T, Robert Owens, Graeme Park, Grant Nelson, Agnes, DJ T, Karotte, Laurent Garnier, Super Flu, Timo Maas, Stacy Pullen, Animal Trainer, Anja Schneider, Vanilla Ace, Kaiserdisco, Kolombo, Brodinski, Dirt Crew, Danny Howells, ….

Linus is resident at Pacha Munich since 2006, and also takes care of the resident bookings in general.

Press Quotes:

…always great…never predictable… (De:Bug, ger)

…DJ Linus work shows courage and ambition…. ( Spex, germany)

…Bloody great „ ( Mixmag, england )

…Quality Stuff „ ( Update, england )

…he knows what house is all about. Clever and smart productions! ( Muzik, england )

…loving production values…… ( DJ, england )

…Linus still shows he is one of the best „ (Groove, germany )

We are great fans of DJ Linus! (Tony Humphries)

Best Clubs:

Fabric (London); Rex (Paris); Ministry Of sound (London); Cocoon (Frankfurt); Chapeau Rouge (Prague); Sub Club (Glasgow); Pacha (Sao Paulo); Propaganda (Moscow); Krisha Mira (Moscow), Prozak (Batumi), Night Office (Tbilisi); Hospital (Khabarowsk); Cream (Gran Canaria); Harry Klein (Munich); Fuse (Bruxelles); Decadance (Ghent); City Hall (Barcelona); Queen (Paris); Radost Fx (Prague); Exile (Belgrade); Registratur (Munich); Deepen (Vancouver); Kindergarten (Manchester); La Dune (Montpellier); DV1 (Lyon); Paradise Garage (Lisbon); …………

Current Discography:

DJ Linus vs. Da Lukas feat. Poenitsch – don´t want to make you cry – (Smiley Fingers) – upcoming

Simone Vitullo – some better (DJ Linus Remix) – (Go Deeva) – upcoming

Da Lukas vs. DJ Linus feat. Poenitsch – first step – (303Lovers) – 2014

Urban By Choice – lorelei (DJ Linus Remix) – (Beef rec) – 2014

Henning Richter – afterhour (DJ Linus remix) – (BluFin) – 2014

DJ Linus – behind myself – (Smiley Fingers) – 2014

Crowdkillers – day (DJ Linus Remix) – (Antura) – 2014

Hot Lipps – salted (DJ Linus Remix) – (Hot Lipps Rec) – 2014

Smash TV – noise and girls (DJ Linus Remix) – (Get Physical) – 2013

DJ Linus – who stole the soul – (Get Physical) – 2013

Peter O – Let´s Jack (DJ Linus Remix) – (Deepology) – 2013

DJ Linus – Schuberts First EP – (Sujet Musique) – 2013

DJ Linus – K.B.´s Groove EP – (Initials) – 2012

DJ Linus – sunshine pub – (Loudeast) – 2012

DJ Linus – bottle neck ep – (Timid Rec) – 2011

DJ Linus – boy meets girl ep – (Deepology) – 2011

DJ Linus – machinery ep (Toyo Red) – 2010

DJ Linus – are you ready (International Deejay Gigolo) – 2010

There was a production break between 2007-2009!

Discography 1994 – 2006 (remixes are not listed):

exun records :

2001 DJ Linus – Wax Trax Vol.1

2003 DJ Linus – Summer in the City

2008 DJ Linus – Who stole the soul ?

2009 DJ Linus – Mandarin lounge remix

2010 Michael Procter – Der Rote Salon

2012 DJ Linus – Santana

2018 DJ Linus – Ode to music

2022 DJ Linus – The unexpected ep

2025 DJ Linus – Otradnoje – (D.Tenaglia Fav)

2033 DJ Linus – Who stole the soul – Re-Press

2035 DJ Linus – subsoil ep

2042 DJ Linus – borderline ep

2046 DJ Linus – presents DEE.P

exuncd01 V.A. – best of exun -mixed and compiled by DJ Linus

exuncd02 V.A. – best of exun Vol.2 -mixed and compiled by DJ Linus

Compost / Compose :

0110 DJ Linus – EP 1

0112 DJ Linus – EP 2

0113 DJ Linus – Squirrel (ed )

0117 DJ Linus – Bar-B-Q

0119 DJ Linus – Bar-B-Q- (the remixes)

0120 DJ Linus – K.B.`s Groove / Otradnoje- (one of D. Tenaglias alltime favourite records)

0123 DJ Linus – Fantasmagorique- 2-LP / CD

0124 Downtown Gigolos – L´Amour

0129 Bassline Members – Sam – (together with Jan Krause from BEANFIELD)

0130 DJ Linus – Soul Penetration – (also on CD)